Freestyle Libre Glucose Monitoring

The goal of glucose monitoring is to get glucose levels between 60 and 300mg/dl with a daily average glucose <250mg/dl. Glucose monitoring is done by measuring blood glucose levels with a glucometer (alphaTRAK 2) or with an interstitial glucose sensor. The 14-day freestyle libre sensor is an excellent way of getting your pet’s glucose levels under control.

Glucose monitoring techniques in dogs and cats include in-hospital blood glucose curves, at-home blood glucose curves, and more recently, the use of continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS) like the Freestyle Libre interstitial glucose monitoring system. Our internists now prefer using the CGMS for glucose monitoring, though alternative techniques can be discussed with you if these are deemed to be more appropriate. Additional information on the Freestyle Libre interstitial glucose monitoring system is provided in the menu to the right.