After checking in with reception, your pet will be triaged by a member of our triage team. This is an evaluation of your pet’s body systems and a quick history used to facilitate the identification of the most life-threatening problems.

Our goal is to have the shortest wait times for all our patients and their families. Without knowing what type of emergency will present on any given day, we are unable to say how long your wait may be. On certain days, a Priority Level 3 case may be seen immediately. There are other times though when that Level 3 case may be forced to wait while more critical (Priority Level 1 and 2) patients are addressed and stabilized. There may be more critical patients that arrive that will be given priority.

The partial list below will give you a sense of how we triage emergencies here at PVESC. If your pet’s condition has worsened while you are waiting, please notify a member of our team immediately so that they can reassess your pet.