Our OVERVIEW Specialties

Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care is a multi-specialty veterinary center staffed with board-certified specialists who have advanced training in various medical and surgical disciplines. A board-certified specialist is a veterinarian who has completed years of additional training in a specific area of veterinary medicine and has passed a rigorous series of examinations that evaluates their knowledge and skills in their specialty. When a veterinarian has successfully satisfied all the requirements of the respective specialty board, they become “board-certified” to practice that specialty and become Diplomates of their respective specialty colleges.

The veterinary profession has become multi-teared, similar to human medicine. Most animals are first evaluated by a primary care veterinarian. If the animal develops an illness or injury requiring advanced care, diagnostics, and treatment, your primary care veterinarian may refer you to a veterinary specialist. Veterinary specialists work closely with you, your pet, and the primary care veterinarian, to coordinate the best care possible for your pet. PVESC specialists also work closely together, providing a continuum of multi-specialty care.

As a large referral center, PVESC also beta-tests new diagnostic equipment. Additionally, we have access to research and clinical trials pioneering new diagnostics and treatment options for our patients.

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