Synovetin OA

Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care proudly offers Synovetin OA ®.

Synotvetin OA

What is Synovetin OA® ?

Synovetin OA® is a safe, effective, and long-lasting treatment for the pain and inflammation of canine elbow osteoarthritis (OA). It’s a single injection into the elbow, done here in our hospital, after which your dog can go home.

How does Synovetin OA® work?

Synovetin OA® is a very advanced, safe form of nuclear medicine. In addition, it uses microscopic particles of therapeutic medical radioactive material. These particles are absorbed by and deactivate the cells within the joint that cause pain, inflammation, and ongoing damage to the cartilage. While the microparticles are only active for a short time, the benefits of this targeted treatment can last up to one year.

What are the benefits of this treatment method?

Synovetin OA® is a convenient treatment option for canine elbow OA:  It’s a simple, safe, non-surgical procedure that allows your dog to go home the same day with no limitations on their activity afterward.  There’s no rehabilitation needed; however, if your dog is currently undergoing rehab, it can start right away at our hospital.  It’s a targeted therapy that treats only the affected joint. You don’t have to give pills every day. The active ingredients are not absorbed in the body like traditional medicines.

Is Synovetin OA® safe?

Yes, Synovetin OA® has been through numerous studies that proved the procedure is safe and therefore has no significant treatment-related adverse events. Lastly, this same procedure has been used for more than 60 years to safely treat people with arthritis.

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