Veterinary Ophthalmologist

Are you a veterinary ophthalmologist looking to walk into a busy, existing caseload? Where you can be an integral part of a supportive, energetic, passionate, and congenial professional family?  Are you interested in a hospital where you are surrounded a compassionate, dedicated team?  If so, we would love to hear from you!

Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care (PVESC) is a multidisciplinary specialty practice located in Portland, Maine. We’ve grown exponentially over the past twenty-five years and will be moving into a newly built 42,000 sq ft hospital in 2025. We would love to show you the plans! Our goal has always been to practice the highest level of care while being laser focused on our clients, patients and community.  Our new, innovative, eco-friendly facility will support us as we continue to grow and serve Maine.

PVESC includes the specialties of internal medicine, surgery, critical care, oncology, cardiology, neurology, anesthesiology, and radioactive iodine therapy. And we have exciting additional specialties joining us in our new hospital.  PVESC is already equipped with all the necessary ophthalmology equipment, for your eye examination needs (slit-lamps, lenses, ophthalmic ultrasound, etc.), and surgical needs (phacoemulsification, operating microscope, ERG, cryo, diode laser, etc.).  Our other specialties are fully-equipped with multiple color-flow ultrasound, video endoscopy, otoscopy, cystoscopy, laparoscopy, arthroscopy, digital radiography, full on-site laboratory, cold laser, PulseVet shockwave, PRP & stem cell therapy, CT scanner, MRI, and more. We also have a full array of critical care services and monitoring modalities.

We are thrilled to announce that we recently partnered with Pieper Veterinary in CT, Mass-RI Veterinary ER in Swansea, MA and Metropolitan Veterinary Associates in Norristown, PA.  This partnership of Veterinarian led hospitals is committed to providing the highest level of care in the Northeast.

Portland, Maine is an amazing place and has been voted one of the “Top Ten Places to Live” by TripAdvisor. You will have ample time off to enjoy the coastline, islands, mountains, a working waterfront, art, 5-star restaurants, microbreweries, wineries, concerts, opera, theatre, and professional sports teams. It is a fabulous place to enjoy a work-life harmony and family life!

For further information about the position, please email your letter of interest and CV to