TPLO – Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy

TPLO is by far the most commonly performed technique to repair a cruciate rupture. This is considered by many surgeons to be the most successful surgical method for stabilization of the stifle for cranial cruciate disease in all dogs. During TPLO, the biomechanics of the stifle joint are altered to compensate for the cruciate rupture. (there is not a good technique in veterinary medicine for replacement of the CrCl with a graft or suture). The tibia in dogs has a downward slope and the intact CrCL prevents the femur from sliding down the slope of the tibia when dogs are bearing weight. In a stifle with a ruptured CrCL, the femur slides down the slope. The TPLO prevents this forward rotation from occurring by flattening the tibial plateau. A plate is placed to secure the osteotomy. TPLO surgery carries an excellent prognosis for returning your dog to its normal activities including walking running, playing, and jumping without pain and lameness.