Kristine Suszczynski, Hospital Manager

Kristine has worked in veterinary hospitals since high school.  Post-college Kristine became a veterinary assistant in New Jersey and continued to take on more managerial tasks until she was promoted to Hospital Manager and Business Administrator in 1997.  In 2005, Kristine’s family and pet menagerie made the move to the beautiful Portland, Maine, area, and she accepted a position as Hospital Manager for Portland Veterinary Specialists and then Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care when they merged in 2019.  Kristine works very closely with the specialty departments, and her favorite things to do are multi-layered, from computers and project management to human resources and administration, to event planning and communication.   With the firm belief that a pet or two, or eight, are necessary in everybody’s home, and a life dedicated to making those pets’ lives better, Kristine will remain in veterinary medicine as long as she possibly can.