Chronic Constipation and Obstipation.

This is Ashes, a beautiful 5-year-old Tabby who came to us after her owner had been dealing with her megacolon for over a year.

Megacolon is a condition of the large intestine, resulting in extreme dilation of the colon and the inability to defecate. Kitties who suffer from this deal with chronic constipation and obstipation. Obstipation is a condition where kitties cannot defecate at all. They require a visit to the vet so they can undergo removal of feces under heavy sedation. While some cats can be managed with medications, diets, and occasional deobstipation, this condition typically worsens over time and can be very stressful for both kitty and owner alike. Ashes had been through 3 deobstipations already since last summer and was frequently in discomfort.

Ashes abdomen before the onset of chronic constipation and obstipation

Ashes abdomen after the onset of chronic constipation and obstipation. Note the large fecal mass lodged inside. 


Regardless of the cause, chronic constipation or obstipation eventually leads to a large intestine that does not work at all. We want you to know there is help for these cats and that is where our surgery department comes in. Dr. Guille performed a subtotal colectomy on Ashes at the beginning of October, removing the majority of her abnormal colon. Ashes just had her two-week recheck, and her mom reports she is doing great, defecating without issues, and overall seems happier and more comfortable. This news makes us here on the PVESC surgery team thrilled.

If your kitty has just started down the road of constipation, please treat it seriously and talk to your regular vet. But if they have reached the point where medical management isn’t helping them anymore, please inquire about a referral to our surgical service.