The word “endoscopy” denotes the use of fiberoptic instruments to investigate and possibly biopsy certain body cavities. It is a “noninvasive” internal medicine procedure which means no surgical incisions are required. For the patient, this means a short anesthetic period with a rapid recovery. All endoscopies in small animals require full anesthesia and therefore may require pre-anesthetic evaluations such as blood tests, radiographs (X-rays), and/or ultrasounds. Endoscopies are usually considered among the low-risk internal medicine procedures in veterinary medicine.

All pets admitted for these procedures are first evaluated by a veterinarian who will examine your pet, the medical history, the feasibility of endoscopy, and carefully determine any ancillary tests that will be required. At that time, a written estimate can be given, and questions or concerns you may have can be discussed in detail. Pets are generally required to be admitted to the hospital for the day. Please fast your pet (no food; water OK) for at least 12 hours prior to the admission time.