Feline Diabetic Diet

Diet recommendations;  DM Purina OM is a good choice for obese diabetic cats.

The most important aspect of dietary management for a diabetic pet is consistency. However, some diabetic cats (especially those that are obese)  may benefit from specific veterinary therapeutic diets like Purina DM or Purina OM. Your veterinarian may have specific dietary recommendations related to the management of diabetes, obesity, or other comorbidities.

For most diabetics, the ideal feeding schedule is the same measured amount of the same food every 12 hours, just before administering insulin. It is fine if your cat prefers to graze throughout the day. Cats do not need to eat before receiving insulin, provided they are feeling fine. Canned food is preferable to dry food. For cats refusing to eat, give a half dose of insulin and contact your veterinarian. Obesity plays a role in feline diabetes. Your veterinarian will work with you to try and control your cat’s weight. Initially, however we are happy to see your cat gain some weight as that indicates your cat’s diabetes is coming under control.