Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care is well equipped to handle trauma. A pet’s sudden or severe injury can require immediate medical attention.  These situations often occur as a pet is hit by a car or attacked by another animal. In these cases, performing diagnostics helps to determine the injuries. We will determine what treatments your pet needs after the patient is stable. In cases of severe trauma, hospitalization and medications may be necessary. 

Traumas we often see include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Dog  or other animal attacks
  • Falling from heights
  • Gunshot wounds
  • Quilling from porcupines etc


Therefore to learn more about this process, please visit our What to Expect page. At PVESC we understand that emergency situations are a stressful and trying time for any pet parent. However, we do ask for your understanding and kindness upon meeting with our staff.

We are an emergency hospital. Priority of care depends on triage determination. Depending on your pet’s state of emergency, this may extend or shorten your wait time. Above all, we appreciate your patience.

Our staff is offering the best care available to your pets around the clock.  To learn more about the team who will be assisting you in the event of a traumatic event, please click here.

Whether your need is in the early morning or late evening, we are open twenty-four hours a day. We are even here for you on holidays or over the weekend.